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Probate And Estate Administration

Massachusetts Lawyer Handling Probate And Estate Matters

The days, weeks and months following the death of a loved one are difficult to face. Adding to the grief may be legal issues that stem from the estate of the individual who passed away (called the decedent). As a compassionate and experienced attorney, I understand the sensitivity of many probate and estate administration issues. I also handle guardianship and conservatorship matters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  People often turn to me at The Law Office of Steven A. Ciulla in North Reading, Massachusetts, for help.

I am familiar with the complexity of probate and estate matters, and I am fluent in the language of the Massachusetts laws that govern them. When meeting with clients, I assess their situation and provide them with information that can help them move forward with both their legal matters and their lives.

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Guidance Through Probate

Probate is the court process through which the assets listed in a will are distributed, and estate debts and taxes assessed. If a decedent died without a will in place, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply and the estate is distributed according to law.

Probate can be an involved process, requiring extensive documentation and materials from the surviving family members and estate. I am very familiar with the probate process, which allows me to minimize any complications for my clients.

Estate Administration

When a decedent’s estate is being administered, it is important that the personal representative, (formerly called the executor or administrator), understand what is being asked of him or her. Even if the estate has been probated, there are guidelines that must be followed. I represent personal representatives who are facing the task of administering an estate.

I also represent any beneficiary or party who is involved in estate litigation. Whether you are contesting the will or defending against a will contest, I use my well-honed litigation skills to represent your interests in and out of court. I have handled numerous civil trials in the probate court and other courts in Massachusetts.

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